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Our whipped body butters are whipped by hand! This ultra-rich Body butters are perfect for winter Dry skin. It's super soft and ultra-moisturizing perfect for dry chapped hands and all over Body.  It melts with your body heat and sinks in quickly.

Description: With our Whipped Body Butter, all you get is rich, smooth, creamy moisturization without any chemicals and no water.  This is as pure and simple as it gets...just whipped buttery goodness in a jar.  We also added Vitamin E for more benefits to your skin. Vitamin E has natural Antioxidants, can help reverse damage skin and promotes wound healing. 


-Protects and softens skin

-Melts deeply into your skin like "butter" leaving it moisturized, soft and silky -Does not contain water

-Perfect for severe dry hands and skin.

-Restores the Elasticity of the skin

-Reduces Stretch Marks

-Contains Fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin.


-Kokum Butter is antibacterial, perfect for dry skin, dry hands, lips, helps regenerate skin cells.

-Helps diminish wrinkles.

Directions: for best results, apply to damp skin. Remember.... a little goes a long way!!! Sizes: Products are by volume at original whipped consistency. Our hand-whipped process adds tiny air bubbles that increase the volume, just like whipping cream. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles collapse and the volume is decreased. Shelf life: 10 months to a year from date of purchase. Do not allow any water into the product; it will contaminate it and cause bacteria to grow rapidly. Also keep product from any heat source as it may cause it to melt. *All butters are made to order to provide you the freshest body butter possible.

Size 4 Fl. oz.

We have different scents

  • Bergamot Honey & Manuka Honey
  • Fresh Aloe water & Osmanthus 
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