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One day, before I started Suhay’s Soaps, I was changing my son when I noticed he had a big dry red patch on his leg.  He said to me, “Mom my leg has been itching a lot “. So of course, I took him to the doctor the next day and they told me it was Eczema from harsh soaps.  I started researching how to help dry skin and Eczema so I can help my son with this dry skin. I didn’t want to have my son with prescribed ointments or medication.

I started buying soaps that were supposedly mild and good for the skin. But when I started reading all the ingredients behind the soaps, I couldn’t believe that one bar of soap was full of harsh chemicals. I was just irritating my sons skin even more.  I felt so bad that my other kids and my husband were cleaning their skin with a soap full of chemicals that are not good for them. I just couldn’t let my family use this kind of soaps anymore knowing that one of my kids was suffering with eczema.

From there and on I was on a mission of learning how to make my own handmade soaps for my family.  I started reading about essential oils, natural oils and butters that will help dry skin and Eczema. I was so excited to learn more and more about all the great benefits from handmade soaps.  Through the centuries handmade soaps and essentials oils have made an impact on skin benefits and also on health.  Throughout the years there has been studies of how natural soaps have so much benefits for our skin. Handmade soaps are free of chemicals, parabens, sulfates or any stuff that could damages our beautiful skin.

Now I have created handmade soaps and Body products with natural ingredients that nourishes your skin and moisturizes. I add pure Organic Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Coffee grinds for exfoliating purposes. I have created soaps that have natural organic fruits and veggies and milk to help nourish your skin.  My Color bright soaps are colored with natural micas which are vegan and

also Cruelty free. I also use natural coloring like 100 % Cocoa, Turmeric powder, Matcha green powder, cinnamon and clays.  The soaps are approximately 4 ounces or more. Sometimes due to cure and also the nature of handmade soap and cutting the weight might not be exact.  

And since I have my oldest daughter, 11 years old helping me, I have named my company after my lovely daughter Suhayla. 😊

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