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An invigorating aromatherapy blend of Rosemary! NEW!! Now we add Tepezcohuite in our Rosemary shampoo bar. This bar is sure to energize mind! Made with pure Rosemary Essential oil, Tepezcohuite and Aloe Vera.  30 plus washes per bar. Great for Travel.

All of our shampoos have Pro-Vitamin B5.  Every Bar is Sulfate free!

We Also have Love Spell Shampoo Bar with a beautiful scent of peaches, cherry blossom and oranges. It has nourishing oils and sulfate free. Also has Vitamin B5 to help strengthen and nourish hair.  

We also have Sunflower Shampoo Bar with notes of lime, sunflower, grapefruit, bergamot and ylang, ylang.  Also has Vitamin B5 to help strengthen and nourish hair.  Sulfate free bar. Our shampoos are infused to with oils and herbs to help strengthen hair, give natural shine and grow healthy. 

We also have Rice Shampoo Bar infused with vanilla, notes of sandalwood and cedarwood.  Rice Shampoo bar helps strengthens the hair for continued damage repair and prevention. It also adds more shine, more manageability, boost volume, elasticity, leaving your hair shiny, soft and healthy. 

Argan oil & Algae Extract Shampoo Made with Jojoba oil, Moroccan oil, Algae Extract, avocado butter, and shea butter, to deeply moisturize hair. Argan & Algae Extract helps stimulate hair regrowth and could help dry scalp. Argan oils also help give more moisture and nourishes dry hair.

Solid Conditioners sold Seperate

Benefits: Reduce plastic bottles, better for the environment. Reduce chemicals used in liquid shampoos. Made with jojoba oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, to deeply moisturize hair. Rosemary helps stimulate hair regrowth and could help dry scalp. 

How to use: Just wet hair and massage solid shampoo bar from scalp to roots. Use conditioner after shampooing.

Size : 2.8 oz to 3.3 oz


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