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Rose & Strawberry Body Hair oil

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Our natural body oil is infused for couple of hours with roses and calendula.  Great for dry skin, chapped skin, eczema and Psoriasis. This Rose & Strawberry body oil is great for extra shine on hair and tips of hair.   

Our rose oil is also perfect for hydrating the feminine intimate area.  It helps prevent skin dryness and irritation from shaving, working out, and hormonal changes that impact vulvar skin integrity from periods to menopause. We used the best oils for sensitive skin. It can be applied to the vulvar area (external genitalia) including labia minora and labia majora without disturbing pH balance, as well as other compromised places like the face, neck and all over body. 

Size: 4 FL OZ. 

How to use: Best apply after showering, bathing, leave skin a little damp and apply oil to skin.  For Hair apply only 3 to 4 drops for extra shine and tips of hair.  For Intimate area apply 2 to 3 drops on clean fingertips, then gently massage to onto intimate skin, including inner and outer labia. Please patch test before first use to make sure you're not sensitive.  Stop use if irritations occur.  Do not add any water inside bottle.   USE WITHIN ONE YEAR OF PURCHASE. 

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