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Purple Brazilian Clay & Lavender Face Mask


Our Purple Brazilian Clay Face mask is made with pure natural oils and African shea butter to hydrate and leave your skin soft. We also added pure lavender essential oil to because is antibacterial and has a calming effect to the skin and mind. Purple Brazilian clay has this beautiful soft color due to the high levels of magnesium. Purple clay benefits are mostly anti-aging.  Magnesium, after all, helps ensure healthy skin cells, which can make you look younger.

Purple Brazilian clay can also help prevent your skin from absorbing environmental contaminants and impurities.

Benefits: Anti-aging, healthy skin cells, detox, soothing, calming, provides firming effect to the skin, increases skin elasticity, environmentally friendly.

Size: 4oz.

Please use within 4 months keep refrigerated at all times!! This contains no aggressive preservative. STOP USE if skin rash occurs. 

How to use: First cleanse face then apply with a clean make up brush, leave on for 15 min to 20 min. Rinse off with warm water. Then splash face with cold water so pores can close. Pat dry gently.

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