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Papaya Soap


Handcrafted just for you

Papaya is a tropical delicious fruit, not only good to eat but also good for our skin.  Our Papaya Soap has all the benefits of this fruit, we make it with pure fresh papaya fruit.  Papaya contains the enzyme called papain, which helps removed dead skin, exfoliate skin, and brighten up skin.

Benefits of Papaya Soap:

  •  Removes dead skin and Gently Exfoliates
  •  Helps with acne prone skin
  • Rich in Vitamin A and C
  •  Papaya contains the enzyme papain which helps reduce dark spots, brightens up skin and acne scars. 
  • Repairs aged skin cells and rejuvenates skin. 

Benefits of handmade natural Soaps : Our handmade soaps are made in small batches with pure oils and butters.

Each Bar weighs approximately 3.25 to 4 oz.

Note: Each bar is handmade and hand cut. Please allow for any slight variances in color and texture. These soaps have been cured for 4-6 weeks which provides a wonderful hard long lasting bar without any preservatives. Using a draining soap dish between uses will help to preserve this quality. The weight of each soap can vary because they are hand cut

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