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Organic Tea extract Face serum

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Our organic Tea Serum has been infused for a week with herbs and plant extracts.  Made with green tea, white tea, rooboius tea, organic aloe vera juice, white willow bark and organic Jojoba oil.  Made with Vitamin E and B3. Natural essential oils of frankincense, ylang ylang and sandalwood. 

Please note:  Our Serum is natural no strong preservatives. Please keep refrigerated at all times to preserve natural herbs and extracts. 

Contains MSM, Hyaluronic acid and pepetides. 

Size 1 fl. oz. 

How to use: Apply one pump (super concentrated) apply under eyes too. Apply morning and night. During Morning apply after cleansing face, let it dry for 1 minute, you will feel some tightness , normal. Then apply Moisturizer and your SPF of Choice.  During night time cleanse face, then apply serum, wait 1 minute to let it dry, then lastly moisturizer. 

  • Excellent for use on all skin types, including combination skin
  • Balances, tones and soothes skin
  • Very lightweight and easily absorbed
  • Hyaluronic acid can help reduce fine lines, provides smoothness and softness. 
  • MSM found in green plants and fruits, can help reduce signs of aging and inflammation. Help damage skin cells and premature aging. 
  • Peptides Work through a unique mechanism which makes the skin look firm and tight. 
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