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Our New Body scrubs are bursting with a fun and delicious Flavors :) Our scrubs can be use on Face and Body .


Exfoliates: Exfoliates naturally can smooth, soften skin naturally with out any harsh chemicals and unclogged pores. 

Matcha Green tea scrub
Mocha lava coffee scrub
strawberry scrub 
Grapefruit Mandarin & Papaya scrub 
Eucalyptus Mint Scrub
Watermelon Scrub
Turmeric Scrub : Please make sure to use turmeric scrub at night time, If used in the morning Please wear Sunscreen. Turmeric can make skin more sensitive to the sun. Please make sure to cleanse skin really thoroughly, after using scrub. Turmeric is a spice and contains active compound called curcumin, which makes the natural bright yellow color. 

Made with infuses Natural oils, butters and plant extracts

Coconut oil: It's antibacterial, hydrates skin, moisturizes and removes dirt.

Shea butter: Moisturizes dry skin, reduces skin inflammation, restores elasticity of the skin, is anti-aging, is rich in oleic acids, Vitamins A and E.
Almond oil: Moisturizes skin, rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids in almonds help your skin retain moisture.

Size: 8 oz.

How to use: Wet skin first, then with finger tips get a small amount body scrub and in circular motion very gently massage on desired body area or face for 60 seconds. After, simply rinse off with water and pat dry with towel. You can follow with your regular skincare. For face only use once a week and for body you can scrub twice a week. 




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