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This Moisturizer has pure African shea butter, organic unrefined raw cocoa butter and organic neem oil. This moisturizer will leave your skin moisturized and hydrated. Packed with Vitamins A, E, F, and fatty acids. 


Cocoa butter: Helps moisturize, helps dry skin and peeling, anti-aging, helps reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  Cocoa butter helps lock in moisture into the skin. Helps relive eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and skin conditions. High in vitamin E and K, has natural antioxidants and contains natural plant sterols, B- sitosterol that helps with wound healing and skin repairing properties. 

African Shea butter : It's an excellent moisturizer helping skin maintain it's natural glow. Has natural vitamins like A, E and F. It contains natural fatty acids that are beneficial to our skin. Shea butter is perfect for eczema , psoriasis, dermatitis , sensitive skin or sunburn. Perfect butter for winter time. Shea butter also has natural healing properties and natural SPF that can vary from 0-6 SPF.   

Neem Oil: Neem oil is potent and has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Neem oil is a highly effective skin conditioner and is excellent on dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. Neem oil can also help with skin pigmentation when use daily. 

Pure Ingredients: African Raw shea butter, Unrefined Raw cocoa butter, Organic neem oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil. 

Size: 8 oz. 



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